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Because you will want to remember it all

It’s your – family’s – Life

I’m here to help you capture your wonderful family time so you can look back at it for years to come


You enjoy life. You travel, you work, you love. You become a parent, and suddenly it all happens so quickly. From the sleepless nights of the beginning to the wobbly first steps – it all changes with breathtaking speed. And you want to capture it all.

You wish someone else could document your daily life and the special occasions for you. You struggle finding energy for the technicalities to shoot good photos and video’s – not to mention finding time to deal with editing and cleaning up your digital collection. You wish you had a unique gift idea to surprise your loved ones far away, with something memorable that doesn’t come in a box.

What if you could lean back, enjoy your day with your loved ones, and someone else would take care of preserving it? How would it feel if you could give the ever-annoying job of being the paparazzi to someone who has the eye of a professional? Someone who can put the best moments of the day together – flawlessly? How would it feel to hear others “oh my, how gourgeous you all look together” – while seeing yourself too, having the time of your lives?

What if you could arrange a gift – one that you and your children too will be enjoying for the years to come?


I’m here to offer you how to do all of that

(and a whole bunch more)…

I’ve been a film maker for six years now and made over a hundred films ranging from 15 seconds Instagram snippets to full-coverage phd ceremonies and everything in between.

On top of helping my clients create memories for the long run I’m also making short films about my own family’s adventures, making my own parents and folks far away very happy.

My clients tell me they love to work with me because they don’t feel the awkward “being filmed” feeling. They get used to me and my camera quickly, and they are able to concentrate on their “here and now”. After most events people can’t believe that they have been filmed – they were that much not aware of my camera’s magic.

About One

Every little detail that now is apparent and unmistakably a part of your lives now is undergoing a constant yet almost invisible change, day by day… and then suddenly they are gone. Let me capture it for you!

About Two

I’ll be there for you every step of the way – all the while you won’t even notice the extra presence. Guidance, reminders, practical information, it’s all here for you to create the ultimate keepsake.

About Three

After the dust settles you’ll be surprised how quickly the experience has passed and how wonderful the end results are. You won’t be alone, I promise: friends and family will be moved to tears too.


Ways to use the Light


Times I've been called paparazzi


minutes of video to edit right now

Ildikó Wooning
Ildikó Wooning


Hi there, I’m Ildikó

… and I’m the one always with the camera in hand – filming, editing, creating.
As a videographer and a (memory-making machine, aka) mother it’s my job to help you create your memories for your big screen.

I help you to relax, to enjoy your family and to forget the camera. I will make sure:
* we have a plan that is perfect for you, but flexible
* you all are relaxed, and everything technical and camera-related is taken care of so you don’t have to think about it
* if Life is handing us a surprise, we will be dealing with it smiling
* that you enjoy your “here and now”, and that it’ll come right back to you at the screening and for the years to come


My Mission

I help families capture their family time with heartbreakingly beautiful video so they can enjoy it for the years to come