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Business – but personal

Business - but personal

Business - but personal

If you lead a small business, you are organizing a conference or an event, or planning to run a crowdfunding project, and need a hand with a video introduction and/or documenting, I’m your (wo)man.

Depending on your needs, you can count on me with:

  • professional help with the pre-production and preparation for your video production
  • producing a short, grabbing video intro of your business, service or products
  • producing a video intro for your crowdfunding project, optionally with behind-the-scene’s videos, teaser trailers, and a bloopers reel for social media usage
  • full documentation – in case you’d like people to learn from your speakers even if they couldn’t make it to your event
  • a one or two minute long, fun after-movie of your conference/event, that you can share through social media accounts and use as teaser trailer for your next one.

How much is it?

“Business – but personal” Projects start at 1000 EUR, but as not all projects are equal, please contact me with details that I can make a proper calculation. Include all your wishes and ideas and contact details that we can plan a personal meet-up to think of all the aspects.

What's the process?
  • Before

    You can send me an e-mail or schedule a phone call session to share your ideas and wishes. You get the Video Project Planning Worksheet from me to give the project form, and you fill it in the best you can.

    We agree on date and location for filming too, if possible, and we make point of meeting up (in person) again.

  • During Filming

    I set up the equipment. First we shoot some "B-roll" - that will be the visual elements that support your videos. You show me around at your business's place, your products, service and alike. We do take our time.
    This part is about the location, the details, the happy customers.
    If we plan interviews, we do it after this bit - people are more relaxed when they have been already around/in front of the camera for a while. We set a date for delivery.
    In case of an event, after the initial setup you can do your work and you'll barely notice me documenting (and my colleagues if more than one camera person is needed).

  • After Filming

    You'll send logos, slides, and any additional material you need to be included in the final video(s). At the agreed time you get your video edited and finalized with background music, titles, credits and lower thirds.

    You'll get private vimeo link(s) of your video(s), and a WeTransfer with the files.

    You pay the bill.

    You upload your video(s) to your website, social media account and enjoy the growing buzz around your business! If you are happy with the ways things were handled, you can always write a review for me here.

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