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Ildikó Wooning Productions | Spoiler alert: how to prepare – mentally – for an elopement…?
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Spoiler alert: how to prepare – mentally – for an elopement…?

Spoiler alert: how to prepare – mentally – for an elopement…?

However contradictory the title sounds… there are things to consider here. Prepare for running away…?

Yes. It’s an option.

Once you’ve already admitted that the wedding business is (no offense, but sadly) over-charging everybody, and you don’t want a piece of it, you have a new course to sail.

Because there you are, with your loved one, happy and content – and still, the childhood dream of wearing that white dress and having a party with your loved ones – linger. I know this is a family matter in the first place, so the decision is quite hard. Having two little angelic girls myself, I’m sure I’m going to curse myself in twenty years for saying this, but here it is: it’s also about you two. Your ways, your new traditions, that you are just starting to make up. You can actually do whatever you two decide – and when your parents understand that they don’t get excluded, they will actually be on board too.

When you want to make your love official in this (exceptionally) romantic way, you can still invite the first and foremost to the ceremony. You can still throw a party with your besties after, without having to invite the extended family tree (which you don’t know half of). You can call it a family dinner if you have to… that you two got married that week doesn’t have to matter to a restaurant, right? Why would you put up with the dream and pressure of the “perfect day”, when that actually makes it way more difficult to live up to? Not to mention that it also leads a lot of people down on a straight road to disappointment.

Not to mention it is indeed not the most important day of your lives.


Having had the wedding day myself – which was (admittedly) nice and (very) quick, I know now what I’ll advise my girls. “Make sure you are making a memory that you can look back at.” I mean, literally: invest in the photos and the videos, because that’s what you are going to go back to. The stories you can tell about the two of you now are fading. Not the “mainstream” ones that are being told every now and then – but the small stuff. The details.

Seeing yourself young and in love in the years to come will give you something wonderful: perspective. The pictures and the videos will be in fact your priceless possessions.

You’ll look at yourselves and think: “This is how young we were? Really? This is how good we looked? I have never realized… This is how much we loved each other…?”

However you think about it, just make sure you’ll sleep on it.


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